What do you do when its special, and it's for someone who has everything?






What do you do when you want to commemorate the

 place that holds so many special memories?





         What do you do when you want to capture the moment?






Photos are nice.

However, quite frequently my artwork captures a glimpse of the spirit.

Here are some things you should know about my commissions.


Yes, I can work from a picture that you provide!  However, I'm most comfortable working from a picture that I take.

Usually, I have two to three commissions waiting to be completed, but I can probably finish yours in two to three weeks if need be.

I work in pencil, watercolor, and oil in almost any size.

Watercolors is mostly what you see on our web-site (they make for marvelous prints and giclee's).  However, most of the commissioned work is actually in oil.  We don't display our commissioned work - they are only in our patrons' private collection.

I don't ask for anything up front nor are you required to take the picture once it's done.  I've never had anyone who wasn't extremely pleased with my creation, however, in this way neither of us feels pressure.

My Marquee works sell for thousands and sometimes tens of thousands, however, I choose to keep my commission work available to those who want me to paint just for them.  I quote each commission based upon size medium and complexity....that way you'll know the cost upfront.  With that said though here's the ballpark.

Pencil Drawing - When done I'll mat the image to a standard size ready for you to frame...or ship it rolled in a tube.

8 X 10 image matted  to 11 X 14 inches $225


Watercolor - When done I'll mat the image to a standard size ready for you to frame...or ship it rolled in a tube.

1/4 sheet (11 X 15 inch image approx) matted to 16 X 20 inches   $725

1/2 sheet (13 X 20 inches image approx) matted to 19 X 26 inches $1,400

22 X 30 inches full sheet $3,000


Oil - I often stretch my own canvas so you can have any size.  When done we'll ship it on the frame or remove it and ship it in a tube.

 16 X 20 inches  $2,500          20 x 30 inches  $6,000    30 X 40 inches  $9,500

Most patrons prefer to frame their pieces.  However, we can help you with the framing decisions and most times frame it for a little above our costs.

How do you pay - I accept checks, credit cards, pay pal and cash.  Pay all at once when the picture is done or pay in installments.  We can be creative...if you really want me to produce an image for you, we can usually find a way for you to have it.

So what's next?

Start the dialogue...give us a call (518-899-7311) or send us an email JCParker@jcparkerfineart.com 



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