Fundraising Activities

Now more than ever, we feel the need to support not-for profit and charitable organizations.

Here are some ways that we provide fundraising opportunities to various groups.

For some organizations we open a unique portal for non-profits to link from their web site to ours....then we donate at portion of every purchase made through the portal.


We'll create an image just for your organization.  JC paints a picture of your Church, Building, Landmark, Activity, etc. Then we provide your organization with Prints, Cards, T-Shirts, etc. at wholesale for you to retail.


We’ll bring our booth (originals, prints, and marquee paintings) and hold an Art Show and Sale at your location and donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization.


Original Paintings are sometimes raffled, with proceeds split between us.


We donate Prints to organizations for Silent Auctions.


A life threatening medical diagnosis has taught us that there is only this moment.  We know that each moment is precious and you do what you can to make it special.  Doing what we can to help others, is part of what makes life worth living.

Carol Anne and JC Parker


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