2010 Holiday Cards

This year we've made designing your personalized holiday cards really easy. 

It's a simple multi step process and we'll walk you through it - on the phone or by email....you deal with us direct (either Carol Anne or Jim) - - no computer program or telephone answering package!

Step 1 - Choose the image for the front of the card

Almost any of the images on our web site will work...or maybe a picture that you've taken yourself. 

Here are our more popular images. 

The "Elizabeth Nash Foundation - Winter" is special however.  Choose that image and we'll donate a portion or the proceeds from your order to the organization.  Every card will have "This card is special each printing creates a donation to the Elizabeth Nash Foundation," printed on the back. 

It is a great way to show everyone how much you're in the Holiday Spirit! 

Learn more about cystic fibrosis and the foundation at http://www.elizabethnashfoundation.org

Elizabeth Nash Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis

Saratoga Stretch

Evening Stroll

Saratoga Sky

February Afternoon

Lake Placid

Malta Collage

Pond Hockey

On the Way to Jay

Santa's Chris Craft

Santa Triple Cockpit

Gift Riva

Museum of Dance

Bonnie's Bounty Thanksgiving

President Grant Cottage

The "President Grant Cottage is also special.  Choose that image and we'll donate a portion or the proceeds from your order to the organization that supports the cottage.  Learn more about the cottage at http://www.grantcottage.org  

Step 2 - Choose the Greeting

 Happy Holidays

Season's Greetings

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas


Oh Holy Night

Happy Hanukkah

Let us have Peace


Step 3 - Choose the Inside Sentiment

Wishing you happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year

May the joy and hope of Christmas be with you now and always

Hoping this Christmas is filled with joy, peace and love.

Wishing you a Beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of Peace and Happiness

Celebrate the tradition of giving, the beauty of the season and New Year of peace and happiness

The gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of happiness...may these be yours, this holiday season and in the New Year.

May the Lord bless you at Christmas and throughout the New Year

All of us are wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a Successful New Year

Wishing you eight days filled with peace and happiness

Wishing you a very happy holiday season

Step 3 - Decide upon your signature

Your Name, The Family Name, the Company Name....what ever

Step 4 - Decide upon the envelope

White is standard

Red and Green for 10 cents more per card

Silver or Gold foil lined for 15 cents more per card

Step 5 - Decide how many you want

10 to 50 $2/card

51 to 250 $1.90/card

Over 250 $1.85/card

More or less? - - we'll give you a quote

Step 6 - Decide how you want to pay us

We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

 Last Step - Print out these pages for your reference and give us a call 518-899-7311 or send us and email and we'll call you!


Continue Reading if you're interested in our Corporate Program


Custom Greeting Cards

In an ever changing, increasingly competitive world, keeping clients, customers and employees is critical.

Our greeting cards say that you care and you value the relationship.  It's simple and for as little as $1.85 you can have a custom printed card.  And, you don't even have to place a large order all at once!

It's simple, just pick the image for the front and the sentiment to put inside...and we'll do the rest!  We can even print your business logo and your signature or custom design the front the card to your fit your brand or image.    

You know how much effort it takes to build a client base and to find good people.  Would it be worth a dollar or two to strengthen relationships?  Of course, it is!

We all know that it's the little things that add up to be a lot.  If you show you care - your customers will care...and that translates to repeat business.

I was talking with a friend the other day about her financial advisor.  She and her husband have recently retired.  Their advisor is located ten minutes from their old work location, but almost an hour from where they currently live.  One of the reasons she is keeping this advisor is that he sends Birthday Cards to each of them every year.  Recognizing significant events builds a foundation for good relationships.  Strong relationships build loyalty.

Or, the Insurance agent who sends a Thank You Card as soon as he writes the policy.  He has our custom "Thank You for your business" cards in his desk and sends them out before the home office can process the paperwork! 

Or, the building owner that sends an "It's our Anniversary Card" to the tenants as the lease comes due and it's time for renewal.

You can think of us as a service with different product levels to meet your objectives.

The Value Greeting Recognition Package ($1.85/Card)


You choose a design from our unique collection


You choose what to put inside - the Sentiment (Birthday, Anniversary, Thank you, etc), your name, logo or something else.


No quantity commitment just prepay the first order - we'll bill you after that!

 Want More! We'll create a completely unique design.

Custom Greeting Recognition Package ($2.15/Card)


Our Artist will format an image just for you (maybe your office building or some other image that's reserved just for you). 


And, of course all that is included in our value package


200 card commitment over time, $100 to start.


Can I schedule one of our staff to contact you?



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 Not interested in Custom Cards? 

Consider our All Occasion Greeting Recognition Stash Pak - No office should be without one of thesee!  We all have to send a card occasionally...have it - don't miss it!


Stash Pak  - 20 all Occasion Cards (8Birthday, 4 Thank You, 2 Sympathy, 2 Anniversary, 1 Congratulations, 2 Get Well, and a Thinking of You) - $35.00


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